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Given here are ideas for how to make love journals.

Love Journals

One of the best ideas to keep your precious memories with your partner alive is to maintain a love journal. It is a testimonial of your love for each other. Twenty years later, when you sit with each other and go through these pages you will blush at your own romantic whims and impulsive actions. The years you spend together will appear to have fled away so fast. But thankfully you have preserved them in the journals to be cherished forever. You will always enjoy maintain love journals as you get to relive your treasured moments again and again. We bring you some great ideas to maintain love journals which will help you to immortalize your love.

Love Journal Ideas

Couple's Journal
Buy a diary and both of you make it a point to write down every sweet little gesture of your partner. If possible, do it on a daily basis. You can decorate it with little hearts, snapshots of each other, small ornaments, small artificial roses and any colorful item which can stand for love. Click pictures of special moments and paste them in the dairy with diary entries based on them. You may even write those special traits you saw in him/her that made you love him/ her more than ever before.

Anniversary Book
Maintain a journal that has all major anniversaries, landmark incidents and the major turning points of your life. It can be anything like your first wedding anniversary, your unusual anniversary celebration, your first kid, or simply your first drink together. It is fun to read these years later and also serve as a reminder of major dates in case you forget them!

Book of Love
Maintain a scrapbook of things that you love and are precious to you. You can write down different incidents, stick those little things you had together like movie tickets, game tickets, cards, snapshots, etc to make your scrapbook look like a book of love.

Book of Reasons
Maintain a scrapbook and write down reasons that you can think of why you love him/her. The best part about this is that there are no limits for the number of reasons which you can cite. The reasons can be as silly as you want it to be. They can be taken from daily incidents also. It is true that love is blind but there are some things which you find in your partner and not in anyone else. List them all in your scrapbook and congratulate yourself in making the wise selection.

Sorry Journal
This journal records all the fights you have with him/ her. Maintain a dairy to list down your fight and the cause and effect of the same. Make sure that both of you write in this journal so that both of your views are brought out. When you read through the journal after some days, you will certainly come to know your faults and begin appreciating your partner more. Besides, after a considerably long duration you two can a hearty laugh by recalling the silly fights you used to have.

Birthday Journal
Gift him/her a journal on his/her birthday. From that day, till the next birthday, keep jotting down those little things you did to make the relationship more enjoyable and interesting. It is best if done on a daily basis. Do it together as it also gives you time to spend with each other, no matter how busy you are. Read it full on his/her next birthday. You will see how effective it proves to strengthen your love further.