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Read 'A Prayer of Thanksgiving' by Rev. Cathy Stentzel, a pastor and is suitable as Thanksgiving Day prayer for Church.

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a festive occasion, which has a deep religious significance attached to it. Families get together on this day and express heart-felt gratitude towards god for bestowing them with all the good things in life. Members of the family also thank each other for always being a pillar of strength and for their immense love. The great Almighty is remembered on the Thanksgiving Day by one and all, with equal fervor. Gratitude is expressed for the benign and continued presence god has maintained in our lives. Below given is a soulful Thanksgiving prayer by Rev. Cathy Stentzel. You can recite it just before the festive meal, to say thanks to the Lord.

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving
By Rev. Cathy Stentzel

We come to give you thanks, O God.
But how can any words be adequate to thank you for absolutely everything?
All that we are and all that we have comes from you.
Help us to learn the words of praise and thanksgiving everyday, as we strive in gratitude to love you more and more.
And help us to learn and do those things that will lead us and our neighbors to that Great Thanksgiving Day when all will be fed, and all will understand each other, and all will have good schools, good jobs, and good health care.
Bless this food and use it to energize us for your work of justice.