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The article lists some of the most unique Thanksgiving gifts and presents. Read on to know some unusual gift ideas for Thanksgiving Day.

Unique Thanksgiving Gifts

If you are tired of giving run-of-the-mill gifts to your friends on Thanksgiving, you can choose to surprise them by giving an unusual, rather unique gift as well. To give something that would not be expected by the recipient always adds more thrill and excitement to the unwrapping. This article brings you some very unique gift ideas for the Thanksgiving Day, which will help you pleasantly surprise the recipients and make your gift truly memorable. Read on and take your pick!

Unusual Thanksgiving Day Presents

Roasted Turkey
How about a roasted turkey as a Thanksgiving gift? Turkey centerpieces and turkey crafts are amongst the most popular gifts, usually given to family members and friends on the festive day. A deliciously roasted Turkey is a unique gift, which is hardly expected by anyone. However, you will have to pack the turkey in a safe container and make sure the pack is unwrapped as soon as it is received, or else the roasted turkey will rot over time.

Festive Thanksgiving Plates
Festive Thanksgiving plates prove to be a unique gift and will make sure that the receiver remembers you every time that plate is used. Thanksgiving plates are easily available in the market, featuring a regular turkey in the centre. Turkey dinner-ware pieces framed in a brown floral border are also available. Turkey illustrations on your dinner plates will contribute in making your Thanksgiving meal memorable. Check out the various ranges available and select the best.

Thanksgiving Jokes & One-Liners
A collection of some crazy jokes and funny one-liners on Thanksgiving is also one of the most unusual gifts to give and receive. For this, you can check out the internet, where you will get a plethora of Thanksgiving jokes and one-liners. Select the best of them, paste your selected jokes in a separate document and take a printout. Another option is to write down the jokes and one-liners on a drawing sheet, using different colors and decorate it. You can also buy a Thanksgiving joke book and wrap it as a gift.

Pilgrim Boy/Girl Craft
Crafts are a special gift for the occasion of Thanksgiving, since they are handmade. You can make them all the more special and unique by zeroing in on some interesting crafts, like that of a pilgrim boy or a pilgrim girl. You can buy a craft book and follow step by step instructions to make Thanksgiving crafts, or else scroll the net to find some great craft ideas. The fact that you have put in so much of effort to make the gift will make it truly unique.

Traditional Thanksgiving Recipe Book
A recipe book, which contains all the traditional Thanksgiving recipes, is also a unique gift that will be really loved by the receiver. Contemporary Thanksgiving feasts do not include many of the delectable recipes that were cooked on the Thanksgiving Day in the past. Give your recipient an insight into some traditional Thanksgiving delicacies and delight them with an exclusive gift.