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If you want to relish on a snack item on Holi, go for Vegetable Pakora. In this article, we have given the recipe of Mixed Vegetable Pakoda.

Vegetable Pakora

Vegetable Pakora
Apart from colors, the festival of Holi is known for its traditional cuisines. Several scrumptious recipes are prepared in every Indian home on the occasion of Holi. Apart from full course meal, varieties of snacks are prepared on this occasion. Some of the popular snacks include Namak Pare, Dahi Bhalle, Papadi and Vegetable Pakoda. Made of several vegetables like potato, cabbage, spinach wrapped in chickpea flour or besan, Vegetable Pakoda is an extremely scrumptious light snacks that can be served with any sweet dish. In general, people serve it along with Gujiya and Dahi Bhalle. It is very easy to prepare and hardly takes half an hour to be ready to be served. If you also want to make this easy-to-make snack item, this Holi, scroll down for the recipe.

Vegetable Pakora Recipe