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Kesar chawal is yet another fascinating dish, which is slightly sweet. To know the recipe of saffron rice, read on.

Kesar Chawal

Kesar Chawal
Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, is celebrated with great fanfare across different parts of India. Although the festival is observed in different ways in different regions of the country, the thought in the minds of the people remains the same - to spread good cheers, forget about rivalry and play a frivolous Holi. People gather in groups to relish on lip smacking gujiya (a sweet), thirst quenching thandai (refreshing drink) and other delicacies. Community lunch is also arranged by different communities. If you are planning to make something tasty, in large quantity, then you may opt for Kesar Chawal. The main course dish, prepared by using rice, is easy to prepare and doesn't take much time too. Check out the easy recipe of Kesar Chawal, given in the article.

Kesar Chawal Recipe