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With this article, explore the colorful and interesting Holi festival mela (fairs) held in various parts of India and abroad.

Holi Mela

Holi Mela
The festival of Holi brings immense joy and fervor all over the country. Though it is celebrated in a different way at different places, the enthusiasm of Holi festival remains the same throughout the country. At some places in the country and abroad, a Holi fair is organized few days before the actual celebrations in order to infuse the feeling of festivity in the people of the surroundings. If the Holi fairs take places in the country, it becomes a major attraction for the foreign tourists who visit the country in this season. They are completely mesmerized by the aesthetic beauty of the festival as well as its celebrations.

Holi Festival Mela
Holi Mela is a perfect option for people who those who want to spend Holi in a different and more colorful way. As Holi is the occasion, color is the universal theme of the fair. The entire Mela is full of variety of colors and the atmosphere full of the exciting of aroma of these colors. Even the shopkeepers who install stalls color their face with various colors in order to enhance the spirit of the festival. The mini world inside the fair seems to be colored in the feelings of enjoyment, fun, thrill and zest.

Different stalls are lined up at the fair and most of them are based on the theme of Holi. Stalls of food selling Gujiya and Thandai receive maximum crowd. There are also stalls selling gulal, abeer, herbal colors, pichkari, balloons and all the things related to Holi. There are also stalls selling dresses and chuni that one can wear on Holi. Dresses of 'chicken work' are extremely in-demand at these Holi fair stalls. Apart from this, shops of junk and artificial jewelry also pull a lot of crowd on the eve of Holi. Shops of handicraft items are pull maximum foreigners who can't resist buying wonderful Indian handicrafts.

Apart from all these, the one thing that draws maximum attention is the folk artist performances on the occasion. Artists from all over the country participate in Holi fairs organized at different places. They tell wonderful folklores related to the occasion and also, sing traditional songs and perform folk dances of the area. This makes Holi fair interesting for those people also who look beyond the hullabaloo on this occasion. Holi fairs are becoming quite popular gradually and as it seems, it will soon become a vital element of the Holi celebrations in the country.

Holi Fairs in India and Abroad
Holi fairs are more popular in villages than they are in cities and abroad more than in India. There are several reasons to it. In villages, it is popular because fairs are the popular source of enjoyment in villages. People there have time and they take keen interest in organizing the fair as unlike cities they do not have discos and hangout places on regular occasions. So, fairs at the time of festivals become an important source of entertainment and zone of enjoyment for them. The fairs are popular in abroad because there it is done in order to enhance the gathering of Hindu community to make the festival more interesting and enjoyable. Other than celebrating the festival with handful of people in their society, they prefer to book some place where they organize fair and celebrate the festival.