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If you are looking for some bright Holi gift ideas, read the article. Also explore some tips for purchasing Holi gifts for your loved ones.

Holi Gifts

Holi Gifts
Holi is one of the main festivals of India and is celebrated with great pomp and show throughout the country. It is a festival, which conveys the message of love, trust and brotherhood. Therefore, a Holi gift is a symbol of cordial relations and affection between the giver and the taker. The Holi gift should thus exude positive vibrations and warmth for the recipient. These gifts will help you to strengthen your relations with those whom you care about. Given below are some tips and ideas for Holi gifts, which will help you in making a suitable choice.

Holi Gift Ideas

Sweets/ Chocolates
Festivals in India are incomplete without sweets. They form an integral part of the festivals and their celebrations. Therefore, to enrich the spirit of festivity, you can give traditional sweets like Gujiya, as Holi gift. A box of chocolate can also serve the purpose.

Clothes are also one of the preferred choices as gifts on festive occasions. You can gift beautifully designed suits, skirts, shirts, kurtas and saris, on the occasion of Holi.

Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits are all time favorites as gift items. They have unique classy appeal and are liked by all.

Holi Color Pack
Holi is the festival of colors, thus, what better gift can be given, than the color pack itself. These are readily available in the market and contain a variety of colors like magical colors, sprays, gulal, water colors and balloons.

Cassettes and CDs
A CD or Cassette of Holi Special songs can also be given. These songs will add more color to your Holi, making it fun filled and musical.

Holi Gift Hampers
Markets are packed with varied gift hampers for the occasion. These hampers contain designed trays with sweets, idol of Lord Krishna, diyas, gulal, abeer, etc.

Idols are also widely preferred as gift items for Holi. You can present idol of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna and Radha, etc.

Gifts for Kids
To lure kids on Holi, you can present them water gun sprinklers, masks and colored hats.

Tips for Selecting Holi Gifts
Holi Cards
Cards are one of the traditional ways of expressing feelings. They are the best way to give words and images to human emotions. Sending greetings cards on different occasions had been one of the most popular traditions. Earlier cards were simple, with plain words and less graphics. Today, attention is paid on all aspects of the cards, from designing to layout, from content to images.

Holi Gift Rituals
Holi is one of the most important festivals of India. Apart from being the festival of color and joy, it binds the nation together. It is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the country and therefore, has many rituals linked with it. As a part of these rituals, gifts are exchanged between people. This enhances the importance of gifts on Holi. The ritual of exchanging gifts plays an important role in restoring cordial relations with your near and dear ones.