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The celebration of Holi is marked by colors. Read the article and know how people in India take immense pleasure in celebrating Holi festival.

Celebrating Holi

Celebrating Holi
In India, the colorful festival of Holi is celebrated with fun and fervor. The festival marks the arrival of spring season, therefore, brings in warmth into the air. It is not just the season, which is changing, but also the mood of the people. The festival signifies the spirit of brotherhood and unity. It is often said that on the event of this festival, even enemies forget their differences and embrace, greeting each other. Holi festival is celebrated by the people of all caste, class or creed, without any distinction, in the northern parts of India. It treats everyone equally, wherein all the people drenched in different colors, lose their identity to become one. In the following lines, we tell you how people go about celebrating Holi festival in India.

Celebrating Holi Festival In India

Holi Milan Within Family
The vibrant colors of Holi bring people closer to even their foes and make them forget all the anguish of the past. After applying colors, people hug and greet each other. This tradition is called as 'Holi Milan'. Usually after a fun filled and action packed day, people dressed in new white colored clothes pay visit to their friends and relatives with sweets, typically Gujia. This helps in renewing and strengthening their social bonds. As per the custom, a plate decorated with tilak (vermillion) and sweets is kept ready for the guests.

People apply tilak, exchange sweets and hug each, while exchanging Holi wishes. They are reenergized by being in the company of near and dear ones. Those staying away from their families opt for greeting cards and telephone to greet each other. Special invitations are extended to new bride, which helps her to feel comfortable and mingle with the members of her new family. Special meal is prepared on the occasion to treat her well and to bless the newly wed couple.

Social Holi Milan
'Holi Milan Samaroh' or 'Holi Greeting Meets' are a special feature of the festival and are organized by various clubs and social organizations. This helps in strengthening the social fabric of the society, as people sit together and enjoy cultural programs like songs, dance, competitions and feasts. Hasya Kavi Sammelan (Comic Poetic gatherings) is also organized on Holi. Poets recite comic prose and poetry for the entertainment of the audience, which adds up to the fervor of the festival. Mouth watering sweets like gujiya, malpuas, mathri, puran poli and dahi badas are savored with full glasses of special thandai (cold drink made of almonds, spices, chilled milk and sugar) is served, in which bhang is mixed to create an alcoholic effect. It is a custom to serve bhang in many parts of the country. Apart from thandai, pakoras and vada made of bhang are also served.