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Exchanging gifts makes up one of the popular Holi rituals. Explore more about exchange of Holi gifts through this article.

Holi Gift Rituals

Holi Gift Rituals
Holi is one of the most important festivals of India. Apart from being the festival of color and joy, it binds the nation together. It is one of the ancient festivals celebrated in the country and therefore, has many rituals linked with it. As a part of these rituals, gifts are exchanged between people. This enhances the importance of gifts on Holi. The ritual of exchanging gifts plays an important role in restoring cordial relations with your near and dear ones. You may present different gifts to different people, depending on the kind of relation you share with them. Know more about the Holi gift ritual, in the following lines.

Gift Rituals On Holi

Exchange Of Sweets
Sweets are the essence of any festival, without which the celebrations seem incomplete. In India, sweets have a special importance, as they are considered auspicious and a way of sharing happiness. As a result, sweet shops are seen crowded with people buying sweets for their relatives and friends, on the festive occasions such as Holi. Shop keepers prepare traditional sweets with attractive packaging, to lure the customers. On the eve of Holi, people pay visits to their associates, relatives and exchange sweets and homemade delicacies, to strengthen their bond and to wish them happiness and prosperity. This is one of the most popular Holi rituals amongst Indians. Gujia is the most popular sweet of Holi, which is both prepared at home as well as exchanged as a gift.

Clothes For Married Daughters
Another important ritual associated with Holi is presenting new clothes to the newly married daughters. In some of the states of India, the girl is given one traditional sari called 'Dandia' and another sari that is teamed with all the accessories. Dandia is actually a white sari, of voile or 'mulmul'. Its borders on all four sides are dyed with non fast colors called 'Indian Pink', such that two to three inches of sari catches color. Further, a gold and silver border is edged on the sari, which is known as 'Gota'. The pallu (the area of the sari which covers head), is decorated with 'kiran' or a fine fringe of gold or silver. As per the rituals, it is a must for the newly wed bride to wear this splendid sari.

Gifts For Son-in-Law
In some parts of India, sons-in-law are also given gifts on the occasion of Holi. After a Holi meal, it is customary to present him with money, according to your own wish. Apart from providing money, you may also present clothes to him. With the changing trend, a number of items have been purchased as gifts for son-in-law, on the festive occasion of Holi. For instance, some shop for gadgets such as iPod, mobile phone, portable DVD player, while others would prefer keepsakes such as photo frames and key rings. Nonetheless, the tradition of presenting money to the son-in-law remains as one of the gift rituals of Holi.