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Sending greeting cards on Holi is an old tradition followed since long. Explore the article to know all about cards for Holi festival.

Holi Cards

Holi Card
Cards are one of the traditional ways of expressing feelings. They are the best way to give words and images to human emotions. Sending greetings cards on different occasions had been one of the most popular traditions. Earlier cards were simple, with plain words and less graphics. Today, attention is paid on all aspects of the cards, from designing to layout, from content to images. A huge emphasis is put on making the cards more and more expressive as well as appealing. Holi festival is also one such occasion when you can send cards to your near and dear ones.

Holi Greeting Cards

Holi Special Cards
Holi is a colorful, vibrant festival celebrated all over India with great zeal. For those who are staying away from their home and family, cards are a good medium of sending and receiving wishes, to and from loved ones. Colors are of utmost important, when you think of Holi celebrations. During Holi, there is a wide variety of cards available, with a personal touch to each one of them. The ones in vogue are cards with packets of Holi colors attached with them. You can even get small water guns attached to the greeting cards, which add to the fervor of the festival.

For the convenience of the customers, cards are classified according to the different relations, such as mom-dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, beloved, etc. The content and design of these cards is also decided keeping in mind the age and nature of the person. For instance, cards for elderly people are sober, while the ones for friends are full of jokes and pranks. Another evolving feature of Holi cards is that they are now available in Hindi. This has made the cards more user-friendly, which now cater to a larger spectrum of people.

Electronics Cards (E-cards)
With the advent of technology, cards have gone through a massive evolution. The trend of sending E cards is gradually picking up. E cards are one of the most convenient, fast and effective way of sending greetings to the ones you care for. Therefore, several companies on the net have come up with new and innovative ideas of sharing cards with each other. You can personalize these greetings, thereby adding a personal touch to them and send them to you loved ones at the click of a button.

Mobile Greetings
Mobiles are no more a luxury for the people and are used by a major chunk of the population. This has given rise to the trend of sending greetings on mobiles via SMS service. By the means of this service, you can send brief messages instantly. Mobile phones also provide the facility of sending picture messages, your own pictures and MMS clips. This way, you can not only wish your friends and relatives, but also share your own festival experience with them.