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Bhang is a prime ingredient of thandai, which is prepared on Holi. Check out the easy recipe of Bhang, given in the article.


Holi is the festival for spreading good cheer and enjoying to the fullest. People smear colors over their loved ones, playfully. Enticing delicacies, including sweets, thandai and snacks are prepared to satisfy the taste buds, after playing a frivolous Holi. It is said that the festival refreshes the body and the soul, because it is all about letting your hair down and banishing all your drudgeries of everyday life. One of the ways to add to the playful element of Holi is to consume thandai made of bhang. In fact, it is a tradition followed since ages, to drink bhang on Holi. Given below is the easy recipe for Bhang.

Bhang Recipe