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Read on to explore a variety of interesting Holi text messages in Hindi and English. You will also find Funny Holi SMS here.

Holi SMS

Holi is one of the most interesting and enjoyable Indian festival. It is celebrated with immense zeal and gusto throughout the country. On the occasion of Holi, people drench each other in colors and relish on scrumptious food. In many states people take out processions on road and roam in the entire city to celebrate Holi. On this day, apart from playing colors and creating hullabaloo, people exchange sweets, gifts and good wishes amongst each other. The most popular way of sending good wishes is SMS or text messaging. Not only it is economical, it is also the fastest and hassle free method of wishing every one whether a close pal or an acquaintance. If you also want to explore variety of messages to send your dear ones on Holi, a number of Hindi, English as well as funny SMS are given below.

Holi Text Messages

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