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The festival of Holi is celebrated with fun and fervor around the world. Find about the celebrations of Holi festival around the world, in the article.

Holi Around the World

Celebrated on the Phalgun month of the Hindu calendar, the festival of colors - Holi- is the time to have unlimited fun with the loved ones. On the occasion, people in India smear color on each other's face, splash water by using pichkaris and balloons, exchange wishes by hugging each other. Tilak is applied on the forehead of everyone who visits the homes, during Holi. Mouth watering sweets such as 'Gujia' are relished on, while people take immense pleasure in drinking 'thandai' (a cold drink made with almonds, spices, chilled milk and sugar) mixed with bhang, bhang pakoras and vadas made of bhang.

Though Holi is purely an Indian festival, it is gradually appealing to the international populace as well. The splendor and charisma of the festival is such that it is celebrated far beyond the boundaries of the country. The secular character of Holi is established by the fact that people residing in different parts of the world soak themselves in the colors of Holi. Indians have spread to the different corners of the globe, contributing to the fact that Holi festival is celebrated widely. This festival knows no bars, no boundaries. The gusto, with which it is celebrated, is simply worth seeing.

The festival of Holi abroad provides people an opportunity to mingle with each other, thereby improving their ties and bonds. The Indians settled abroad are even more eager to celebrate the festival, as it reminds them of their motherland and their loved ones. Like India, they also exchange sweets and greet each other. The spirit of festivity binds them to their roots. A break from the hum drum of daily life, Holi provides an opportunity to soak them in the colors of harmony and rejuvenate the memories of the celebrations of the festival back home. Know more about celebrations of Holi festival around the world, through the following lines.

Holi Festival Around The World

Holi In USA
Holi festival is celebrated with ardor in the countries like USA. A sizeable population of Indians can be found in the USA, which tells us the reason why the festival is observed with such gaiety there. In USA, religious organizations and societies take the responsibility of organizing the festival. Musical programs and meets are conducted to fill the air with the spirit of India. New York is completely dabbled by the colorful waters. Holi is marked by parades and attended by Indians, rejoicing, playing with colors in the midst.

Holi In UK
In UK, the revelry of Holi is seen profoundly at places with a large congregation of Indians. The British city of Leicester is particularly known for its love for celebrating Indian festivals. The enthusiasm reaches its peak on the occasion of Holi. The joyous festival is marked with social gatherings and exchange of sweets. People enjoy the day by smearing colors on each other and playing with water, just as it is done back home, in India. People apply tilak on each other's forehead to welcome and hug each other to wish.

Holi In South Africa
The Indians settled in South Africa have made it a point to keep the tradition of celebrating Holi alive in South Africa, the southernmost country of the continent of Africa. The Indians in South Africa play with colors, on the occasion of Holi. They sing songs, which is one of the prominent parts of the celebrations. People exchange gifts and greet each other. The evenings are spent in meeting friends and acquaintance living in different parts of the country.