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Gujia is a melt-in-the-mouth sweet dish, which is a specialty of Holi. Explore the recipe of Ghujia, as given in this article.


The festival of Holi is known for its colors as well as scrumptious recipes. Several recipes like Dahi Bhalle, Bhaang Pakode, Thandai, Papadi and Gujia are the special dishes for the festival. Gujiya is a scrumptious sweet dish prepared using maida and khoya. It is a must to make Holi dish in most of the Indian homes. Though the preparation of Gujiya requires a little time and efforts, the taste of this delicious recipe is worth it. The best thing about Gujiya is that it can be used as a sweet dish, dessert as well as snacks. It can also be preserved for along time without any effort. If you are also interested in making Gujiya this Holi, the recipe is given below.

Gujia Recipe