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Here is given the recipe/receipe of Hanukkah/ Hanuka spicy walnuts. Read on how to make Chanuka spicy walnuts.

Hanukkah Spicy Walnuts Recipe

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is marked by feasting and treating family and friends. A day of immense religious significance for the Jews, celebrators cook delicacies and engage in fun activities on this spirited festival. Walnuts can also be used to make a variety of recipes on Hanukkah. For instance, Hanukkah spicy walnuts recipe is very simple. The ingredients required to make it are easily available, while cooking method is very easy. Go ahead; try the recipe to give your family a spicy walnut treat on this Hanukkah.

How To Make Hanukkah Spicy Walnuts