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Keep everyone amused and informed on Hanukkah, by involving them in a quiz. Go through this article and find questions for Chanukah trivia quiz.

Hanukkah Quiz

Hanukkah is a festival of Jews, which is synonymous with family gatherings, feasting, lighting menorah and playing Dreidel. To keep the party running for long, quizzes based on Hanukkah have become famous. A quiz is, in actual, a battle of intellect, in which the players, as an individual or as a team, try to answer questions correctly. However, in context of Chanukah, they mostly come across as a fun way to pass time. They can also be used to teach kids more about the festival. In the lines below, we have given some questions for Hanukkah trivia quiz, along with their answers. You can use them for framing a quiz of your own.

Chanukah Trivia Quiz

Ques. What holiday is not mentioned in the Torah?
Ans. Hanukkah

Ques. How do we place candles on Menorah?
Ans Right to Left

Ques. What was the miracle of Hanukkah?
Ans. The oil lasted for eight days.

Ques. What is the name of Judah Macabee's father?
Ans. Mutiyahu (He is given credit for sparking the Maccabean revolt).

Ques. How many blessings do we say on the first night?
Ans Three

Ques. How do we light candles on Menorah?
Ans. Left To Right

Ques. What four letters appear on Israeli Dreidel (sivivonim)?
Ans. Nun, Gimel, Hay, Pay

Ques. Which city in Israel do the best olives come from?
Ans. Tekaoh

Ques. What is the name of the candle used to light the others?
Ans. Shamash

Ques. Who was the father of Judah the Maccabee?
Ans. Mattathias

Ques. How many days is Hanukkah celebrated?
Ans. Eight

Ques. What is the meaning of the word 'Maccabee' ?
Ans. Hammer

Ques. What did the Maccabees fight for?
Ans. For the right to practice Judaism

Ques. What is the meaning of the word 'Hanukkah'?
Ans. Re- Dedication

Ques. What is the total number of candles lit during the holiday of Hanukkah?
Ans. 44

Ques. Who was the villain of Hanukkah?
Ans. Atiochus

Ques. What letter on the Dreidel is different on an Israeli Dreidel?
Ans. Pey

Ques. Which letter is not on the sivivon (Dreidel)?
Ans. Bet

Ques. In which city did the Maccabees lived?
Ans. Modi'in