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Here are given ideas about making easy Hanukah/Hanukka holiday arts & crafts for children. Check out easy Hanukkah kid crafts.

Easy Hanukkah Kid Crafts

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is celebrated by Jews all across the world. Like many other festivals, it is also associated with creative and artistic activities. Kids indulge in making Hanukkah craft projects at homes as well as in the classroom. In fact, creating beautiful crafts comes across as another way of having fun on this spirited holiday and these projects can also be used for home decorations, by putting them at display in the living room. Hanukkah presents the ideal opportunity to the kids to be imaginative and innovative and showcase their creative talents to the hilt.

Right from making the popular driedel delight for playing the driedel game to making menorah candles for lighting the holy menorah, Hanukkah is marked by a great creative zest to make some original art pieces. Kids also love to make beautiful Hanukkah cards and gift them to their near and dear ones. For the younger children, decorative art projects and ornament crafts are more of an inspiring art activity on Hanukkah. Given in this section are a few fun and easy to make Hanukkah holiday arts and crafts for kids. Let the kids try these interesting craft projects on this Hanukkah and enjoy themselves.

Dreidel Delight
Hanukkah is also one of the festivals where kids have a lot of opportunities to display their creative skills, by indulging in artistic activities. One such activity is craft making, which presents them with a lot of options as well. 'Dreidel Delight' is also an easy and popular kid's craft for Hanukkah. You only require a handful of accessories to prepare it and that too, within no time.

Hanukkah Charm Bracelet
Charm bracelet is a kind of jewelry that is worn around the wrist and is believed to ward off evil spirits. Decorative pendants, trinkets and personal charms that hold important meaning and value are used to make such bracelets. Making charm bracelet is also a very popular art activity on Hanukkah.

Hanukah Menorah
Hanukkah Menorah, also known as Chanukkiyah, is a candelabrum with eight branches that are used to burn the eight Hanukkah candles. It is one of the most popular Hanukkah crafts prepared during the eight-day holiday. Menorah is an easy to make craft, which requires a few materials that are easily available at home.

Milk Carton Dreidel
Playing the driedel game is probably the favorite pastime on Hanukkah holidays. The four letters appearing on the four corners of a driedel are believed to add to the Hanukkah miracle. Making driedel at home is an equally favorite craft activity and it is also a popular classroom project on Hanukkah. Milk Carton driedel is a simple Hanukkah craft, which is very popular among kids.