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Decorations & adornment are the hallmark of every festival, including Hanukkah. Read on to explore ideas for homemade Chanukah decorations.

Hanukkah Decoration

Jewish have been celebrating Hanukkah for the past 3000 years, to mark the victory of Jewish national survival and freedom. The festival falls in the month of December. Hanukkah is no exception to the general rule of festivals, which associates itself with flashy decorations, glitzy fervor and colorful illuminations. Every Jew decorates his house for the eight days of the festival, in the best possible way. Chanukah is a wonderful time to celebrate life and a Jewish family leaves no stone unturned to make sure that his house looks the very best homes. Want to explore some homemade decoration idea for Hanukah? Check out the points given in the lines below.

Homemade Chanukah Decorations

Star of David Decoration
Form a triangle with 3 Popsicle sticks and glue them together. Now make another triangle in the similar way. Glue the two triangles together, in order to make the Star of David. Draw squiggly lines on the star with glue and sprinkle some blue glitter, if you so wish. Make more such stars and hang them around your house, with the help of a ribbon. They will make your home look really beautiful.

Homemade Candles
You can also make beeswax candles for decorating your house throughout the eights days of Chanukah. Beeswax is sold in sheets, in lots of different colors. Simply place a length of wick onto a sheet. Now, roll the sheet tightly around the wick. Press the edge of the wax sheet to the roll and you've got beautiful homemade candles. You can even make wax or gel candles by pouring the hot wax or gel in a test tube and decorating it with ribbon, glass, paint etc. You can even pour in a little candle scent to make them fragrant.

Blue Ball Ornaments
Decorate plain blue ball ornaments with silver and gold paint. For instance, you can draw Hanukkah symbols, such as a dreidel and a Star of David, on them. Now, attach a piece of pretty ribbon to the ornaments and hang them in windows and on cupboard handles.

Colorful Lights
Since Hanukah is also known as festival of lights, what can be better than decorating your home with different colorful lights! You can purchase them from any home ware store. Now, exploit your creativity and arrange the lights throughout the house, even at the front wall. The guests will surely be left awed with your beautiful idea.

Clay Menorah
You have been always buying menorah for Hanukkah. How about making it on your own this year and using it as a part of the decoration. For the purpose, you will need clay that dries in air, craft sticks, a pencil, birthday candles, and candleholders. Take the clay, knead it and then flatten it. Now, carve out your hands from the clay, using a craft stick. Overlap the two thumbs and press the hands together.

Make the clay hands stand facing upwards, towards the ceiling. Make a hole on each of the fingers of the clay hands, using the pencil. Place birthday candles in the hole that you have made, so that the space is made perfectly. Now, let it dry. Your eight fingers will take the place of eight candles and the thumb will take the place of Chanukah Shamash, used to light the other candle. You can now paint and decorate the menorah at your will.