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Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews with tremendous enthusiasm and joy. Read on to find some interesting ideas for Chanukah celebration.

Hanukkah Celebration

Hanukkah is an annual Jewish festival that is celebrated with tremendous verve and enthusiasm by the Jewish fraternity across the world. The religious occasion is celebrated to commemorate the victory of the minority Macabees' soldiers over the mighty Syrian army. The Jewish win led to the rededication of the holy temple of Jews. The festival is also associated with the famous oil miracle, when the holy flame in the Jewish temple miraculously survived for eight days, with oil that could last only one day. Family and friends get together to celebrate this joyous occasion every year. In the following lines, we have mentioned some very interesting ideas for your Hanukkah celebration.

Chanukah Celebration Ideas

Organize A Party
You can organize a Hanukkah party at home, with your family members and friends and prepare a sumptuous meal. The menu should include the traditional Hanukkah recipes. So, invite over your near and dear ones and enjoy the religious occasion of Hanukkah in their company. You will have to send invitations and decide the party menu in advance, for making sure that your Hanukkah party is a success.

Play Games
Driedel games are very popular on Hanukkah. You can get the kids along with you and make the driedel at home. Apart from driedel games, there are many other exciting games to be played on Hanukkah, like hide the chocolate gelt and pin the shamash or shield. You can use your own innovation and imagination to improvise on a traditional game played on Hanukkah. This will make it even more fun for the kids. Games can also be played at the Hanukkah party in the evening.

Engage In Crafts
For the more artistic souls, whose idea of celebration includes creative activities, making some Hanukkah crafts would be the best bet. There are a variety of craft ideas to be tried on the day, which can be later put on display at home. For instance, you can draw pictures of Hannukiot to put around in the house. Kids should also be engaged in making Hanukkah crafts, to celebrate the religious occasion in a more meaningful way. Teachers can also give craft projects to children for classroom Hanukkah celebrations.

Read Stories & Literature
Since Hanukkah is a festival of immense religious significance, reading quality literature and stories based on the theme of the festival is also a great idea. Get yourself some good books on Hanukkah history and read them to for a better understanding of the religious festival that is celebrated annually. You can also read the text to children, so that they understand the true meaning that lies behind this religious fest.