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Chanukah celebrations are marked by treating and feasting. Read on to know some mouth watering treat ideas for Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Treats

Hanukkah is marked by feisty celebrations and Jewish families cook their traditional food on this annual fest. In most of the cases, family members and friends unite to enjoy the feast in each other's company. Deep frying in oil is the traditional way of cooking Hanukkah dishes. Apart from that, baking might also be undertaken. Treat ideas on the festival are galore, with a range of mouth-watering options available for you. In fact, your Hanukkah menu has to be exceptional and below listed are some scrumptious dishes that can be included in your feast platter for the festive occasion.

Chanukah Treat Ideas

Latkes represent one of the traditional Hanukkah foods. They are fried potato pancakes, which are served with applesauce in the Jewish households, on the festive occasion of Hanukkah. Though regular potatoes are the usual choice for making latkes, they can also be made using sweet potatoes. Patties are made out of grated potatoes and onions, which are then deep-fried. Golden brown latkes surely make for an enticing delicacy on Hanukkah.

Fritters are an alternative dish to latkes. They can be made using vegetables, ranging from baby artichokes to Zucchini. Fritters are also battered and deep fried, just like latkes. The other options that can be used for making fritters include pumpkin and corn, whereas apple sauce is used as the sweetener. The fritters that are made of corn also combine some edible flowers in the recipe.

Kugel is a baked noodle casserole, which forms one of the most favorite dishes on Hanukkah. It is prepared as a side dish, as a part of the sumptuous menu. Only vegetables can also be used to make Kugel, for keeping it low on fat. It can also be made as a substitute for latkes.

Blintzes are filled with cheese and fruits and are similar to crepes. Cheese features in a lot of Hanukkah recipes and blintzes are one of them. They serve as a yummy and nutritious treat for children. This Hanukkah dish is also deep fried in oil.

Doughnuts are, probably, the most loved dishes on Hanukkah. Deep fried in oil, like the other dishes on the festive menu, they are known as Sufganiyat in the local language of Jews. They are the delicious desserts taken after the Hanukkah meal. Honey doughnuts are also very popular, especially among kids.

Loukoumades or Bimuelos
Loukoumades or Bimuelos is a special dessert of Jews, originating from the Mediterranean. They are fried honey puffs, which make for a sticky and doughy treat. Grated orange rind, yoghurt and vanilla extract are used to make these mouthwatering Loukoumades.

Hanukkah Gelt
Hanukkah gelts are chocolate coins that have been wrapped in gold foil. Little kids absolutely love it. Some Jewish households also prepare a type of cheese cracker in the shape of coins. These cheese coins can go as perfect appetizers on Hanukkah.