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Here are some easy Hanukkah/Hanukah cooking recipes. Check out some yummy Chanukah food receipes/recepies.

Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah is Jewish festival that holds immense religious importance for the Jews of the world. It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of minority Jews over the mighty Syrian army and the rededication of their holy temple. The Hanukkah holiday extends to eight days and Jews indulge in feasting and fun activities to celebrate their annual fest. Like any other festival, Hanukkah is also associated with some special food traditions and recipes. The menu is marked with a variety of all-fried dishes. In fact, fried and dairy food items form traditional Hanukkah favorites.

On Hanukkah, special delicacies are prepared in all the households and some traditionally popular dishes are also cooked. Cheese delicacies, latkes, and potato pancakes are some of the delicacies that Hanukkah food is most identified with. During the time of celebration, people come up with some real yummy food recipes. In this section also, we have explained some easy to make Hanukkah recipes that you can try this year and give your family and friends a scrumptious treat. So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead, try these delicious treats at home and surprise everyone.

Cranberry Chicken Recipe
Like any other festival, mouth watering dishes are prepared on Hanukkah as well, in the Jewish households where it is celebrated. In fact, the festive occasion is celebrated by feasting and the celebrators cook their favorite Hanukkah delicacies on the day, to welcome their guests. One such scrumptious dish prepared on Hanukkah is cranberry chicken, which is very popular among the Jewish fraternity.

Fried Lamb Chops Recipe
Hanukkah celebrations are marked by cooking delicacies and feasting with near and dear ones. Like every other festival, Hanukkah too, is identified with some mouthwatering dishes. Hanukkah fried lamb chops recipe is easy to make and doesn't take much of your time. Almost all the ingredients used to make lamb chops are easily available and its one of the most favorites

Cupcake Menorah Recipe
Hanukkah celebrations are marked by some mouthwatering dishes that are prepared in Jewish households. One such dish is the cupcake menorah, the perfect dessert recipe after the festive meal. These cupcakes are pretty easy to make and do not involve any cumbersome steps. You can light them up on dinner and take out the candles before you grab a bite of the beautiful-looking edible cupcake menorahs.

Hanukkah Shape Cookies
Hanukkah is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the Jews. It is their annual festival, which holds immense religious significance for them. They cook delicacies for treating and feasting and invite over near and dear ones for an extensive meal. Cookies are loved by everyone alike and they are baked extensively on Hanukkah in the Jewish households.

Potato Pancakes Recipe
Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is marked by treating and feasting with friends and family. Jews cook a variety of delicacies on this day and celebrate it in a grand way. Pancakes are loved by one and all and are a favorite on Hanukkah. Potato pancakes is one of the most mouthwatering dishes that can be served on the Jewish festival. Read on to know the ingredients required and the method to be followed for making potato pancakes for Hanukkah.

Sesame Asparagus Recipe
One of the favorites on Hanukkah, sesame asparagus is made in a variety of ways, according to the different tastes and preferences. It is an incredibly delectable dish, which can be prepared very fast, following some simple steps. It can come handy when you are in a hurry to prepare a side dish to add to your Hanukkah menu.

Spicy Apple Cider Recipe
Apple cider is a non-alcoholic drink that is made from apples, without adding any sugar. It is consumed un-filtered. Sometimes, apple cider is also heated, mulled, or spiced, as on Hanukkah. In fact, it is one of the traditional drinks to be served on many other festivals including Hanukkah. Hanukkah spicy apple cider recipe is very simple to follow and easy to make.

Spicy Applesauce Recipe
Apple sauce is a chunky puree prepared with cooked or baked apples. A variety of spices can be used to make applesauce, but the spices that are commonly used to give a different flavor to it are cinnamon and allspice. In the Hanukkah menu, applesauce is used as a sauce for latkes and cinnamon is added to give it a unique taste.

Spicy Walnuts Recipe
Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that is marked by feasting and treating family and friends. A day of immense religious significance for the Jews, celebrators cook delicacies and engage in fun activities on this spirited festival. Walnuts can also be used to make a variety of recipes on Hanukkah. For instance, Hanukkah spicy walnuts recipe is very simple.

Cookie Recipe
Hanukkah is a festive occasion which is celebrated by treating and feasting with family and friends. With a range of traditional dishes included in the festive menu, cookies also find an instant mention when the meal is planned. Kids simply love cookies and you can give them a yummy Hanukkah surprise by baking some delicious cookies for them. Below mentioned are the ingredients required and method to be followed for making delectable Hanukkah cookies.

Hanukkah Dessert Recipe
Hanukah celebrations are marked by treating and feasting. Celebrators prepare a range of traditional delicacies on this day and enjoy the feast with their family and friends. However, no sumptuous feast is complete without some mouth-watering desserts and the same holds true for Hanukkah as well. The articlis brings you the ingredients required and the method to be followed for making a delicious desert on Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Dinner Recipes
Hanukkah is a festive occasion in which feasting and treating forms a major part of the celebration. Preparations for the Hanukkah dinner begin days in advance and delicacies to be included in the menu may include individual preferences. However, there are some Hanukkah recipes that are relished by one and all alike. This article brings you a few such recipes which you can safely include in your dinner menu on Hanukkah.