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The article brings you an easy Hanukkah recipe for dessert. Try this mouth-watering dessert & give your family a delicious surprise on Chanukah.

Hanukkah Dessert Recipe

Hanukah celebrations are marked by treating and feasting. Celebrators prepare a range of traditional delicacies on this day and enjoy the feast with their family and friends. However, no sumptuous feast is complete without some mouth-watering desserts and the same holds true for Hanukkah as well. The articlis brings you the ingredients required and the method to be followed for making a delicious desert on Hanukkah. The recipe given below is easy to make and does not involve any cumbersome steps. Try it at home and give a sweet treat to you family on this Hanukkah.

Easy Chanukah Dessert Recipe

Walnut and Cinnamon Rugelach


Cottage-Cheese Dough
Walnut Filling