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Spread the happiness of Hanukkah, by greeting your loved ones with cards. Given here is the information on various types of Chanukah cards.

Hanukkah Cards

Hanukkah is fast approaching and so is the festive mood of every Jew. Amidst all the festivity, it is quite obvious that you miss the person who is away from the family or those distant family members who cannot come over to enjoy the occasion with you. However, while you can't meet them, you certainly can send your wishes across. One of the best ways to do the same is by sending them a nice greeting card. You can either buy a card or make one on your own. If buying a Hanukkah card seems to be a better option for you, choose from the wide variety available in the marketplace. You can get musical greeting cards in different shapes and sizes. Whatever be the style, do make sure that you choose a card with the right message and send it as early as possible.

If sending market-bought Chanukah greeting cards is something that you have been doing for a long time and want to try something different this time, why not spare some time and make a card by yourself. Buy card paper, colors, and glitters, etc, from the market. Fold the card paper in half and decorate it on the outside. Here, you can now play with your creativity, to make the greeting card look attractive. For instance, if you are good at painting, make a menorah or something else that is associated with the festival. Now, use glitter to beautify it further. A self-made card will surely be warmer than any other gift, as it expresses emotions. The recipient will love the effort you had put in it.

In the fast moving life of today, there are many people who don't get time to send cards via post, to their loved ones. They opt for simpler and easier ways to convey the message, like e-cards. In fact, with the advent of technology, wishing your loved ones is just a matter of a mouse click. You can choose from the wide range of e-cards available on the net and pour your heart over. You can even personalize the cards with the desired background color as well as size, style and color of font. You can even choose the kind of music, like Hanukkah prayer rhyme, to accompany the card. So, go ahead and tell your loved ones them that you haven't forgotten them on Hanukkah, by even sending a beautiful e-card.