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Here is given the recipe/recepie of Hanukkah/ Hanukah cupcake menorah. Read on how to make Hanukka cupcake menorah.

Hanukkah Cupcake Menorah Recipe

Hanukkah celebrations are marked by some mouthwatering dishes that are prepared in Jewish households. One such dish is the cupcake menorah, the perfect dessert recipe after the festive meal. These cupcakes are pretty easy to make and do not involve any cumbersome steps. You can light them up on dinner and take out the candles before you grab a bite of the beautiful-looking edible cupcake menorahs. This article brings you the ingredients required and the method to be followed for making cupcake menorahs. Read on to know their perfect recipe and try making them on this Hanukkah, to give a sweet surprise to your family.

How To Make Cupcake Menorah