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Given here are creative ideas for a 70's theme party. Read on to plan a romantic 70's theme party.

70's Theme Party

Mention the 70's and the one thing that is sure to strike your mind is the sensuality of the swinging era. What better way to celebrate the Valentine's Day than by arranging a 70's theme party! Imagine stating your love to your beloved in an atmosphere that radiates romantic vibes and is full of energy and liveliness. Sound great, isn't it? In the following lines, we bring you ideas for 70's theme party that will definitely set the mood swinging and make sure you have a blast. Just read through them and have a blast this Valentine's Day.

70's Valentine Theme Party Ideas
  • Since its Valentine's Day party held in a 70s theme, you need not worry about the date for the party. However, you need to select the time and venue for the party. Make sure that the venue you choose is accessible and the time of the party appropriate, for everyone to be a part of it.
  • The next step would be to send out invitations to your guests. Ones made in bright hues of red, green, blue, orange and yellow would be a great way to signal the theme of the party in advance. Mention the time, date, venue and the theme. Mention that they have to come dressed in proper disco attires. Giving the theme a creative name, like ‘Saturday night fever', ‘Jailhouse Rock', etc, would be a great idea to go ahead.
  • As for the décor, bright posters and photos of famous celebrities of that era would be a nice option to explore. You can even go for bold-colored confetti, balloons, streamers, banners. They are sure to take the guest to the era gone by. In case you want to throw a ‘rock n roll' party, make sure you do it in style. Install the shiny disco balls in the party place with lights all around.
  • To add a touch of authenticity to the party place, do not forget to arrange for a ‘Bouncer'. Ask the person to stand at the entrance of the party place and stamp the palm of each of the guests', before letting them enter.
  • Just at the start of the party, you can arrange for some interesting games like guess the song, mime the artist, dumb charades, etc. This would not only warm up the guest in the party mood, but also set the stage for a rocking night ahead. Also, guests would get to know each other in a fun manner.
  • To make the party place lively and energetic, get a DJ or a person who is well versed with the music played in the 70s era. Play the music while watch guests swinging to the beats.
  • Just as we know that no party can be without food, make sure your 70s themed Valentine's Day party has a plethora of succulent dishes for the guests. Prepare the snacks that were a hit in the yesteryears, like waffles with whipped cream, Swedish meatballs, etc. A cocktail bar is a must for every 70's theme party.