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Given here is a short summary/review of the romantic novel Paradise by Judith McNaught.


Paradise is by far one of the best romantic novels by Judith McNaught. The novel brings to life many emotions and shows the clash between the well off and the not so well off. It is a classic romantic love story that portrays a timeless inspiration to every romance a person can encounter. It also tells the story of the evils of corporate takeovers and family skeletons. You will easily identify with the characters and get instantly sucked into the story. Read the short summary of "Paradise" given in the following lines.

Matthew and Meredith are the central characters of this book. Meredith, a serenely beautiful blonde, and Matthew, an intense magnetic tycoon, are both haunted by their once-in-a-lifetime love, betrayed in a conflict of heartache and pain. Matthew worked in an oil rig and was determined to be successful. Meredith was a well to do young socialite. When these two contrasting characters collide, a genius of a book is born. They fall in love and marry each other. But somehow they are not able to make adjustments and end up splitting.

Fast forward 11 years later and we see the couple quite successful in their lives. Both Matthew and Meredith are successful in their career and have a niche for themselves. The couple again bumps into one another after 11 years and the chemistry between them is almost as good as real. The powerful dialogues between them are what bring these two characters to life. This book brings to life, the many challenges of love and how it brings out the best in people. Will the fated love of Matthew and Meredith rekindle, or was it never to be destined? The story has a natural pace and makes it look even more real.