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Given here is a summary of the romantic novel, Love Story, by Erich Segal.

Love Story

Probably one of the best love stories ever told, Love Story is one romantic novel that is sure to move you. Love means never having to say you're sorry. Erich Wolf Segal has done a brilliant job in portraying two characters with which an entire generation could identify themselves. He has balanced the competition between father and son and the love of husband and wife. Opposites in nearly every way, two people immediately attract, share a love that defies everything � yet will end too soon. This story is sure to linger in your heart now and forever. Given here is a short summary of the novel "Love Story".

Love Story revolves around the lives of two young college lads, whose love for each other was immortal. Oliver Barrett, heir to the Barrett fortune and legacy and Jennifer Cavilleri, daughter of a poor baker who does not own a huge bank account but has lots of love. Oliver was expected to follow in his father's huge footsteps, while Jennifer, a music major, was to go on and study in Paris. But when they meet, the sparks flow, and we get involved with them as their love grows deep and strong.

Oliver turns his back on his family and fortune to marry Jenny. Jenny gives up her dreams of Paris and being a musician. They are happy with each other in their lives and the stable flow of income that is enough to sustain them. But life can be cruel and Jenny is diagnosed with leukemia. With just a few days to live, the novel speaks about the emotional pain they both go through. The novel portrays that love has no language but feelings. "Love Story" moves the compassion of love in you.