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Given here is a short summary of the romantic novel A Place To Call Home by Deborah Smith.

A Place to Call Home

'A Place to Call Home' is a romantic novel by the renowned writer Deborah Smith. The novel is based on the life of a rural family in Georgia. The novel has distinct characters that are believable. The budding romance between two young hearts is beautifully narrated by the author and is sure to move the readers. They will be able to feel the agony of the lovers who suffered incredibly before claming their love for each other and living happily ever after. The contemporary fans of romantic novels are going to find 'A Place To Call Home' very delightful and meaningful. Check out the short summary of the novel given below.

Claire Maloney is the youngest daughter of one of the two leading families in Dunderry, Georgia. Being the youngest of all, she is naturally pampered and fussed over a lot. Her mother belongs to a prominent dynasty, known as Delaney. Somehow or other, Claire is related to just about every individual in the town. She knows who she is and is secure with her place in the town. Roan Sullivan is the son of the town drunkard. He has been abused and neglected but has somehow managed to maintain a core of goodness, regardless of the dirty exterior. Claire and Roan first cross paths when she is five and he is ten, during St. Patrick's Day parade.

Claire sees her cousin stealing money and then blaming Roan for the crime. She defends Roan and tells everyone that it is her cousin who has conveniently passed the blame on Roan. Then begins a relationship that nurtures both the kids and it is almost certain that Roan will become a part of their family. But he suddenly disappears leaving everyone clueless and Claire heart-broken. The story moves twenty years forward and we see Roan coming back in Claire's life when she is going through a personal and professional crisis. The two now face the tough realities of the present and must triumph over them before claiming their love for each other. Roan needs to understand the good intentions of Claire's family and Claire must conquer her anger over Roan's disappearance. A gripping novel that talks about the trials and tribulations of love and ends on a happily ever after note!