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Given here is information about the zodiac sign of Taurus, along with the love traits, romance and the perfect love match for a Taurean/Taurus.

Taurus Love Traits

Dates: 21st April to 20th May
Symbol: The Bull
Sign: Earth Sign

Taurus is the sign of the Bull, and just like a 'Bull', they also tend to be very strong-headed. However, they exercise perfect control over themselves and are usually calm and composed. Their stubborn streak shows only when anyone tries to push them too hard in the wrong direction. But once they get angry, just run. You wouldn't want the bull to come dashing at you with his entire wrath and crush you under his feet. Taureans love to attract people and are wonderful hosts. They are good at taking important decisions and are dependable. They adore their home and are very loyal to their friends and family.

Taurus Love Traits
Perfect Love Match
Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Taurus & Capricorn
The relationship between both these signs is a very promising one. Both being earth signs, are very alike and understand each other very well. The company of a Capricornian will be mighty uplifting and inspiring for the Taurean. Both the signs value commitment and will remain loyal to each other. Family is important to both the signs and as such, they share a great bonding.

Taurus & Virgo
Long term relationship is possible as Virgos will understand Taureans very well and vice-versa. Both the signs move cautiously in romance and size each other up before giving the relationship a shot. Naturally, this works very well for the relationship as they have taken time before moving in. however, Virgos will have issues with the rigid and unchangeable nature of Taurus-born people.

Taurus & Taurus
The relationship between two Taureans can be very beautiful as they both have the same values and share so much in common, however, the two will have to tackle each other's possessiveness and stubbornness. Being a fixed sign, both the Taureans would not want to experiment much and the relationship may not be very dynamic. However, peace and future is assured when two Taureans get together under the same roof.