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Given below is information about the zodiac sign of Leo, along with its love traits and the perfect love match for a Leo.

Leo Love Traits

Dates: 24th July to 23rd August
Symbol: The Lion
Sign: Fire Sign

People born under the Leo zodiac sign love to live in style and are highly indulgent. The Lions love to be the center of attraction. They love social gatherings and love to mingle with people. However, Leos like to dominate everybody and demand their respect. Their personality is as majestic as that of a lion. Another trait of Leos is that they are very vulnerable and get hurt very easily. Leos love to be pampered silly and can turn to a kitten from a lion. They are very considerate of people who matter to them and will treat them generously.

Leo Love Traits
Perfect Love Match
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Leo & Aries
A deep yearning for absolute freedom and independence is what links these two sun-signs. Both of them are highly energetic and like to get engaged in different kinds of activities in life. The only thing that differentiates the two of them is that the Lion is very conscious of his public image while the Ram does not bother about such issues and leads life as desired.

Leo & Leo
Vivacious, spirited and highly energetic - the Lion is quite hard to miss as they always stand apart from the crowd. The only problem that might arise is that neither of them takes the backstage as they always desire to be the center of attraction. It is for this sole reason that it is said that such type of union results in extreme relationships. Either the pair will be very loving and caring or the results might be completely devastating.

Leo & Sagittarius
A complete and perfect relationship full of love, vitality and vigor is what would perfectly describe the union between the two. The light Archer stimulates the funny and playful side of the Lion while the latter brings interest and excitement in the relationship. The only problem might arise from the fact that the Archer is very flirtatious by nature while the Lion prefers a long and stable relationship.