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Given below is information about the zodiac sign of Aries, along with its love traits and the perfect love & romance match for an Aries.

Aries Love Traits

Dates: 21st March - 19th April
Symbol: The Ram
Sign: Fire Sign
Aries is the first sign in the zodiac list. People born under the Aries zodiac sign are just like a newborn child, naive and unquestioning. Just like a child, they demand their wishes to be fulfilled first. They are stubborn and are at times aggressive. However, this should not convey the wrong notion that they are selfish. Arians are just incapable to see beyond their world. They are dynamic and quick-witted individuals who can rebel if provoked. They make a wonderful company and surprise the people present with many fun filled activities. Though they get hurt when tempers flare up, they forgive and forget easily. Arians are frank and direct and are never deceptive. They hate to delay or postpone any activities. Though they are highly passionate and loving, they seldom express their feelings and emotions verbally. Arians are so much into self that they seldom discuss about others. Read below to know the love traits of Aries and also find out their best match.

Aries Love Traits
  • Arians have a strong sense of romance.
  • They are very possessive of their loved ones and are prone to jealousy.
  • They are highly expressive in love and are not the ones to hold back their feelings.
  • Arians are very faithful to their loved ones and do not go straying after other people once they find their match.
  • They love spontaneity in a relation.
  • Since they are stubborn in their demands, they tend to dominate in a relation.
  • Arians are highly egoistic in nature and always have the individualism factors predominant. And so two Arians normally do not make up good match. However, they can strike out a harmony in case both are ready to compromise a bit.
Perfect Love Match
Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini

Aries & Leo
Both Arian and Lion are freedom-lovers and hence know to respect each other's freedom. They differ in one point that while Arians are least bothered about what others think, the Lions seem to be over-concerned about society. The person with Leo zodiac sign finds the initiative approach of Arian attractive while the latter admires the charisma and ideas of the former.

Aries & Sagittarius
Both Arian and Sagittarian share high energy level and so their match is full of passion and adventure. In this match, neither of them dominates and hence they have an excellent compatibility.

Aries & Gemini
Since both Arian and Gemini love life and are always on the look out to do something new, they make a great match. Though the Arians may be occasionally irritated by the long talks of Gemini yet they learn a lot in each other's company.