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This Halloween, feast on some delicious and lip-smacking cakes. Some very easy recipes for Halloween cakes have been given in this article.

Halloween Cake

Feasts and banquets form a part and parcel of a traditional Halloween celebration. People get together, sumptuous meals are prepared and mouth-watering cakes and cookies are baked. One major Halloween custom for children, which persists even today, is 'trick or treating'. Here, children dressed in ghoulish costumes wander from house to house seeking food, like different types of confectionary, with the question 'trick or treat'. The trick is just an idle threat, which indicates that the children will perform mischief and damage their property, if no treat is given. Another custom that is still carried out on Halloween is the baking of a barmbrack (a light fruitcake), inside which a ring, coin or any other charm is placed, prior to their baking. Apart from this, different types of cakes as well as cupcakes are made during the festival, which is a delight to the children as well as the adults. So, this Halloween, whip up and bake some scary and spooky festive cakes. A list of some great cake recipes has been given below. Check these recipes and delight your friends and family with these sweet Halloween treats.

Easy Halloween Cake Recipes

Witch House Cake


For Chocolate Mud Frosting
For Decorations
Basic Pirate Cake