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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'The Story of the Easter Bunny' by Katherine Tegen

The Story of the Easter Bunny

Easter is one of the holiest Christian festivals. It is celebrated in order to commemorate the return of Christ after crucifixion. This day is called as Easter Sunday as it is celebrated on the Sunday that comes after Good Friday. On this occasion Christians all over the world engage in merry making and celebrations. There is feasting, celebrations and exchange of gifts. On the occasion of Easter, children are gifted with interesting Christmas stories. The basic aim of gifting these stories is to create a sense of recognition with the religion and also for moral teachings.

The Story of the Easter Bunny depicts the origin of the legendary Easter bunny. The Easter bunny is among one's adorable childhood icons and during Easter children eagerly waits for the bunny to bring those colored eggs and gift baskets. Author Katherine Tegen's delightful narrative portrays how an act of kindness by a pet rabbit led him to become the Easter bunny. According to the tale, it wasn't always the Easter Bunny who colored eggs and wove baskets for the children on the eve of Easter--it was an old couple who lived in a snug little cottage. Their petite white rabbit, however, always watched their preparations closely.

As the couple grew old, the rabbit started helping them out in the task of weaving baskets, coloring eggs, and delivering the gifts to village children. When the man and woman become too old to continue their labors, the rabbit took upon himself the task of distributing gifts for children. But eventually when children came to know about bunny, he left the old couple to set up shop in the shadow-filled wood, assisted by other rabbit friends. He finds a big hollow tree with ample space for making the chocolate, coloring eggs, and for making baskets.

Katherine Tegen's splendid story is ably complemented by Sally Anne Lambert's watercolors that provide detailed images of the cozy cottage kitchen as well as the rabbit den. These illustrations long with beautiful narration make the story very interesting. This would be liked by children of all age group. You can present this story to your kid this Easter and you both can have an interesting bed time Easter story session. Enjoy reading the story of the Easter Bunny !