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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'Easter Egg' by Caroljean Ellis

Easter Egg

Easter is one of the most important Christmas festivals. On the occasion of Christmas, the entire Christian community around the world engages in the celebrations of the return of Christ after his death. Christian people across the world engage in merry making, feasting and gift exchange. There is also a popular trend of gifting kids with the story books related to the Easter tales and stories. Though with time, several Easter books have come up in market, one of the most popular of them has been the book called 'Easter Egg'.

The 'Easter Egg' is the first book in the "Tales of Little Angels" series by Caroljean Ellis. Notwithstanding the focus on traditional family values, The Tales of Little Angels series makes delightful reading for kids of all ages. In each of the five books published so far, colorful illustrations combine with a vibrant continuing storyline. This is why these books are liked by the children and are also rated as, one of the most awaited Children book series.

The book 'Easter Egg' narrates a heart-warming tale about a little orphan girl named Amy and her quest for family love. The continuing storyline of the book unravels two major plots: Amy's pursuit of love and the travails undergone by little angels while they earn their grownup wings. The storyline portrays how Little Angel of Love disobeys Angel of the Highest while he is delivering the egg of Love to Amy. The story revolves around other characters such as Little Angels of Faith, Hope, and Charity, Evil Angel of Fear, and the ungrateful boy Carlton.

This story books tells the story in a manner that it preaches the lessons of love, courage, and patriotism to the kids. By following the adventures of the little angels, readers learn a lot about practicalities of life which can't be explained to the kids in any other manner. Apart from this, the exciting storyline is successful in keeping the interest of the reader intact and thus leaving a long lasting impact. Incase you have read this book and liked it, you can also explore other books of this series namely The Soldier, The Parade, The Picnic, and The Hayride, which are equally interesting and likeable.