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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'The Golden Egg Book' by Margaret Wise Brown.

The Golden Egg Book

Easter is considered to be a very auspicious occasion in the Christian fraternity. It is also known as Easter Sunday as it lies two days after Good Friday. This is the day when Christ returned back to his people after death. This is why this day is considered to be a day of hope and celebrations. On this occasion, Christian people all over the world engage in merry making and celebrations. They organize a grand feast and also exchange gifts. Gifting Easter special book to children is also popular tradition of Easter celebrations. One of the most popular books of them is The Golden Egg.

Originally published in 1947, The Golden Egg Book written by Margaret Wise Brown has been a much beloved Easter book for generations of young children. This book about a lonely bunny and his antics with an unhatched egg, has lost none of its appeal after all these years, and is known to be a perennial favorite among parents as Easter gifts for their children. The story unfolds when a little bunny stumbles upon a beautiful blue egg. The bunny becomes curious as he could hear something moving inside the egg. His imagination runs wild and the impatient bunny tries to shake, push, and even jump on the egg in his attempts to break it. But all his efforts go in vain as the stubborn egg refuses to budge.

The mystery unravels at last when the egg begins to hatch and much to the bunny's surprise, a little duck comes out. The bunny and the duck become friends. Besides the lively story, Leonard Weisgard's lush watercolors help the Golden Egg Book capture the imagination of tiny-toddlers. They are extremely catchy and leave an everlasting impression on kids. The Golden Egg Book would be ideal for children in the 3-7 years age group. The book has an interesting narration and thus, it holds the attention of the kids for long. It is a nice bedtime story book as it includes an interesting story line and a lot of thrill. You kid would simply love it!