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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'Easter Mice' by Bethany Roberts

Easter Mice

Easter is celebrated with extreme joy and passion amongst the Christian community throughout the world. On this occasion, when Christ returned again after his death, the entire Christian community around the world engages in merry making and feasting. Apart from dining and celebrations, there is also a popular tradition of exchange of gifts on this occasion. Easter books are on of the most popular Easter gifts amongst kids. As Easter festival has a long history, with time several interesting folklores and tales have been related with the story, which now come in form of interesting children story books.

'Easter Mice', written by Bethany Roberts and illustrated by Doug Cushman is another popular Easter book. It depicts the story of three young mice, which go out with their mother, to begin the Easter egg hunt. It is springtime and nature is at her resplendent best with brightly colored flowers and pristine spring plants. In such a scenic backdrop, the three siblings scour the surroundings hoping to gather the most eggs and win.

Amongst the three, the youngest one becomes so engrossed in savoring the natural beauty around him that he forgets to collect any eggs. After a while the realization dawns on him that he is the only one who will go back empty handed and there aren't probably any eggs left for him to find out. But undeterred, he decides to carry on searching for Easter eggs. The little mouse's perseverance soon pays off as he stumbles upon a very special egg that turns out to be the best one of all.

Throughout this simple yet appealing story, readers find themselves rooting for the youngest mouse and become elated in his eventual success as the story reaches its charming surprise ending. This charming book has bouncy rhymes, and colorful illustrations that are like a breath of spring. Easter Mice is an excellent Easter gift for kids in the age group of 3 to 6 years. They will simply find it very touchy and interesting. The beautiful way of narration is successful in keeping the interest of the kids intact in the story.