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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'Egg Tree' by Katherine Milhous

Egg Tree

On the occasion of Easter, Christian people all over the world engage in merry making and feasting in order to commemorate the return of 'Christ'. Easter brings along with itself a feeling of elation and hope and that is why, this festival is considered to special amongst all the Christian festival. On this occasion, people present various kinds of gifts to each other so as to express their joy. Children are especially excited about Easter because they get interesting gifts on the occasion, most of time an interesting bed time story book. The basic reason to present story books to kids on this occasion is to enhance the feeling of morality in them. One of the most popular Easter story book is The Egg Tree.

The Egg Tree by Katherine Milhous is regarded a classic in the realm of Easter literature. The book, which was written more than half a century ago, still continues to charm young children with the tale of the Easter egg tree tradition. The story narrates how a young girl Katy accidentally discovers her grandmother's old hand-painted Easter eggs in the attic and restores the Easter egg tree tradition. The storyline unfolds with siblings Katy and Carl arriving at with their Grandmom's place to celebrate the Easter season. On the Easter morning, the siblings went on the annual Easter egg hunt through Grandmom's place. Katy was initially disheartened as she couldn't find any eggs, but when she went up to the attic, she found a cache of beautifully hand-painted eggs. This led to Grandmom teaching all the kids how to paint their own eggs and hang them from the branches of a tiny tree to make an egg tree.

In the Egg Tree, author Katherine Milhous has made liberal use of the lively colors and sweeping designs associated with Pennsylvania Dutch folk art and tradition. In 1951, the American Library Association awarded Milhous the Caldecott Medal for The Egg Tree. The popularity of the egg tree tradition in America is often ascribed to the rising popularity of Milhous' The Egg Tree. If you are looking for a nice gift for a kid aged 6-12, Egg Tree would certainly prove to be a nice choice. Though the story is very popular and often been heard by every one as a bed time story, the charming narration of the story keeps you intact in the words of the story. So, even if you are not a child, reading this book again would make you remember a lot, especially your momma, her bed time's stories and your Easter celebrations as a kid.