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Read on to know the storyline of children Easter book 'Bunny Trouble' by Hans Wilhelm

Bunny Trouble

Easter books are a popular item on the Easter Sunday shopping list. As the entire Christian community is set to celebrate the comeback of Jesus on this occasion, the feasting, the celebrations and the gift-exchange reaches its peak. As this festival is very old, people have also related several legends and tales with the festival. So, on this occasion, generally, people prefer to present kids with the collection of these Easter tales in the form of Easter books. One very popular story related with Easter is the story of Bunny, now also popularly called as Easter Bunny. The story book has with time become more and more popular with kids.

Bunny Trouble is one of the most famous Easter books. It is written by Hans Wilhelm, a German-American writer, children's book author and illustrator, and artist. Bunny Trouble is the story of Ralph, a soccer crazy bunny who would rather play soccer than decorating Easter eggs. The story narrates how Ralph's fondness for soccer lands him in big trouble and how he almost ends up becoming Easter dinner. The story has been a popular bed time story amongst kids and is simply adored by most of them. The story has fun, excitement and thrill in it. In case you want to present a kid with a Easter gift, this story book should be one of your foremost choices.

The story line goes this way- Ralph, the crazy bunny lives in a rabbit colony and the rabbits perform the task of decorating all the Easter eggs for the Easter Bunny. Although members of this colony work all the year round, Ralph would have none of it and instead spend time playing soccer. Fed up with Ralph's obsession with soccer, the rabbits scolded him for playing so much soccer and barred him from playing near them. Undeterred, Ralph went to play soccer in a near-by field but fell into a trap laid by a farmer. Ralph almost ended up as the farmer's Easter dinner but his brave sister managed to rescue him with the help of some Easter eggs. So, read and enjoy this popular Easter book!