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Find different appetizing snacks for Children's Day in this section. Browse through this article to know Children's Day snack recipes.

Snack Recipes For Children's Day

Children's Day in India is commemorated as a celebration of childhood. It is celebrated on 14th November to mark the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was a legend who fought for the freedom of India. Eventually, he was appointed as the first Prime Minister of independent India. His immense love for children bestowed upon him the endearing name of Chacha Nehru. He always considered kids to be the future of India and the citizens of tomorrow. He was highly committed towards the education and growth of the children.

Children's Day is celebrated with great fun and frolic all over the nation. Schools organize various cultural programs for the kids. Competitions are held by social and corporate institutions as well on this special day. Songs, dances, fancy dress, painting, field events and elocutions form the main attractions of the day. While celebrating Children's Day in schools, homes too are not left behind. A number of lavish foods are prepared on this occasion for the kids. And the most appetizing and healthy are the snacks that can be easily consumed by all. This section brings some inviting snack recipes that are easy tot prepare and delicious on eating.

Appetizing Snacks For Children's Day

Finger Pizza
Kids love to gorge on snacks as they are light and easy to digest. Finger pizza is an appetizing snack, different from the usual pizza. It makes an awesome recipe for snacks on Children's Day.

Cheesy Crunch Mix
Cheesy crunchy mix is a light, luscious and healthy snack option. Given here is the recipe of making cheesy crunch mix.

Popcorn Balls
Delicious and sumptuous foods are prepared for the children of India on the special occasion of Children's Day. Popcorn balls is one such appetizing and delectable snack that is easy to make and light on the stomach.

Cheesy Pickups
Make your kids feel special and honored on this day by preparing some delicious snacks for them to hog on. Cheesy pickups are simply yummy and inviting.

Corn And Spinach Kathi Rolls
Prepare some delicious corn and spinach kathi rolls and make your kids' Children's Day celebrations even more enjoyable. Read to know how to make corn and spinach kathi rolls by following any of the following recipes.