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Pista malai ice cream is an inviting and non-resisting dessert. Learn how to make this delicious dessert by going through the recipe in this article.

Pista Malai Ice Cream

Children's Day marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first Prime Minister. The festival is celebrated on 14th November throughout the country. Nehru loved children a lot and hence, this day is commemorated to pay a tribute to his love. This national festival is celebrated with great fun and frolic all over India. Various programs and events are planned and organized on this day for children. Kids are also treated with delicious delicacies to make them feel special and loved. Undoubtedly, all kids love ice cream. In case you are looking for the recipe of making one such ice cream, pista malai is one that you can try out. Glance through the following lines to know how to make this yummy and luscious ice cream.

How To Make Pista Malai Ice Cream