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Children's Day calls for enjoying and partying hard. Check out this article to find ideas for planning a Children's Day party.

Children's Day Party

Children's Day is celebrated to pay a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for his love and passion for children. The festival is commemorated on Nehru's birth anniversary on 14th November. Nehru is a well-known personality who fought for the country's independence and became the first Prime Minister of independent India. He was fondly known as Chacha Nehru by the children. Observed with immense joy, pleasure and enthusiasm, a number of cultural programs and events are organized for kids by all the schools on this occasion.

Kids are encouraged to participate in different activities, such as painting, singing, dancing, fancy dress, field events, elocutions, poetry, and so on. They celebrate the day in their own way. Partying and get-togethers are quite common on this occasion. In case you are a planning to throw a Children's Day party for your friends or your kids' friends, this article is just the right stop. Find different ideas for planning invitations, decorations, food, themes and favors in the following lines. Just read them and style your party accordingly. Have a blast!

Ideas For Children's Day Party

Children's Day Party Invitation
Kids indulge in various activities, parties being one of them. For a party, an invitation is the most essential part. In case you are wondering how to invite your friends to your Children's Day bash, do not worry. Simple, scroll through and find different invitation ideas at your end.

Children's Day Party Decoration
Children's Day is a time to celebrate childhood. With this article, we have brought some decorating ideas that can help you turn your pale home into a party place. Read on to find different ideas for setting the mood for a Children's Day party.

Children's Day Party Food
Kids love to gorge on different foods and always look out for parties, as the celebrations proffer them with unique delicacies. Check out this article for some different and exclusive food menu ideas that can be included at a Children's Day party.

Children's Day Party Themes
Children also arrange parties for their buddies, thereby getting closer to each other. Parties are usually based on a particular theme around which the party revolves around. Scroll through the following lines to find some theme ideas for Children's Day party.

Children's Day Party Favors
While hosting a party, favors are a great way to thank your guests for their presence. These ensure that the guests depart on a happy and satisfied note. Find creative and unique ideas for favors that can be handed over on Children's Day here.