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Check out some exciting and easy art and craft for Children's Day. Explore this article to learn more about Children's Day crafts.

Children's Day Crafts

Children's Day is celebrated throughout India with immense fun, joy and enthusiasm. The day pays a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's love and passion for children. It is celebrated on 14th November every year which marks the birth anniversary of Nehru, who was also the first Prime Minister of India after its independence. The day is marked by a number of programs and events organized by all schools and educational institutions across India, especially for children.

While kids involve in participating in different activities in schools and other institutes, they are also encouraged to show their creative talents as well. Many schools arrange craft competitions allowing the kids to use their imagination and intuition in creating them. Given in this article are some easy crafts for kids to make that will enable them to reveal their creativity. There are also crafts for mothers which they can make and gift to their kids. Read on to know the various arts and crafts for Children's Day.

Easy Crafts For Children's Day

Easy Crafts
On this occasion of Children's Day, we bring you some craft ideas that are easy to prepare and fun to play. These crafts involve young kids to reveal their creativity and imagination power. Browse through this section to find some easy and simple crafts for Children's Day.

Creative Crafts
As toddlers and little ones, kids always indulge in mixing colors, drawing and scribbling. Let their hidden talent pour out through making crafts. Crafts not only bring out kids' creativity, they are also a great way to connect with them. This section brings you some creative and distinctive craft ideas to make on Children's Day. Get set ready for preparing some perfect craft items and having lots and lots of fun.

Crafts For Mothers
While kids honor their mothers on Mother's day, it is time for the turnover. Shower your love to your children by getting creative and inventive. With this sections