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Let your kids enjoy their Children's Day by presenting them gifts on this festival. Read to find some gift ideas for Children's Day.

Children's Day Gifts

In India, Children's Day is celebrated not just a day dedicated for children, but it also pays homage to India's first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who is known to have a profound love for children. The occasion is commemorated on 14th November every year, marking the birth anniversary of Nehru. The day is dedicated towards the celebration of childhood and promotion of communal exchange and understating amongst children. Different events and programs are specially organized in all educational institutions across India. Competitions like painting, crafts, debates, elocutions, fancy dress and so on, are planned. This year, make your kids' Children's Day celebration all the more beautiful by gifting some wonderful and delightful gifts. Given here are some gift ideas for Children's Day for you to choose from. Glance through them and make your choice!

Children's Day Gift Ideas

Chocolates are loved by one and all and kids simply cannot resist them the temptation of the treat. So, why not gift a box filled with sweet treats to your kid on Children's Day? Gift a hamper pack containing different chocolates and make your kids' Children's Day even more special and treasured.

Baby Toys
Different varieties of toys are available in the market that you can pick up for your babies and toddlers. You can opt from balls, guns, dolls, indoor game kits, soft toys and others. Moreover, these toys are available in all sizes and prices, right from the low priced toys to the exorbitant ones, thus, making it easier for you choose according to your affordability. You can also take your kid along to let him/her choose the toy as per liking.

Chess & Checkers
For teenage kids, chess and checkers serve as the best choice for gifts. Apart from being fun while playing, they also help in increasing the intellect level of the kids. The game requires lot of cognition and aptitude skills to make quick and smart decisions. Hence for growing youngsters, chess and checkers are the best bet. However, you can even go for family board games as well.

Whatever be the age, cakes and pastries are loved and enjoyed by kids of all ages. You can either make them at home or place an order at your favorite bakery. Furthermore, you can even order special cakes that are prepared on the occasion of Children's Day. These special cakes would gives you are a large variety of flavors to choose from.

Toy Cars
How about gifting your child the latest SUV model on the road? Don't panic. We are talking about the toy version of the same. Children love to indulge in cars and tucks since a young age. Gifting them a beautiful and latest model of a car or truck made from non-breakable material serves as an ideal bet. So, just head to the toy store in town and pick the latest model for your child, this Children's Day.