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International Children's Day marks the celebration of child welfare across the world. Read to know about the celebrations & traditions of this festival.

International Children's Day

June 1st is celebrated as International Children's Day in numerous countries worldwide, though it is not a common phenomenon in many nations. Moreover, International Children's Day is often confused with Universal Children's Day that falls on November 20th. This day is believed to originate first in Turkey and then in Geneva, Switzerland. Furthermore, this occasion is marked on different dates in different countries. Hence, while many nations mark International Children's Day on June 1st, many observe it on other dates. Being an international fiesta, celebrations are grand, splendid and magnificent. Browse through the lines below to find out more about the traditions of International Children's Day and how it is celebrated.

International Children's Day Traditions
Turkey is said to have first celebrated International Children's Day on April 23rd in 1920. Later on, the day was observed in Geneva in Switzerland on June 1st, 1925 for two significant reasons. First, the World Conference for the Well-being of Children was held on this day in 1925 and second, a number of Chinese orphans were gathered by the Chinese consul-general in San Francisco, USA for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival. Both these events had one thing in common - both were organized with the idea of child welfare and wellbeing. Hence, June 1st came to be known as International Children's Day which is observed by various countries, especially by Communist countries.

Very few nations in the western world and the central Asian continent are aware about International Children's Day. The occasion is largely observed in China with immense fun and fervor. International Children's Day is declared a public holiday there. With a huge love for festivals and celebrations, International Children's Day is a great time to visit China and witness the grand gala. The Chinese President spends the entire day playing with kids. A number of high-ranking officials also accompany the President. The kindergarten and primary schools in different towns are paid a visit by the dignitaries.

Different songs are sung and dance performances are organized by teachers for their students. Various contests and competitions are also held for students to participate. The winning contestants are awarded with grand prizes. The day serves as a great opportunity for kids to spend some quality time with friends, family, relatives and fellow teachers. Kids are treated to DVD movies in the class in school, after which they are exposed to parties, allowing them to enjoy to their best. Countries in the western world, the Middle East, Africa and the southern hemisphere celebrate Children's Day on different dates during the year.

Australia marks it on the fourth Wednesday of October while Brazil celebrates it on October 12th coinciding with the day of Our Lady of Aparecida. India commemorates its Children's Day on 14th November to honor the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Argentina celebrates its Children's Day on the second Sunday of August and calls in Dia del Ni�o. In African countries, Children's Day is marked on 25th December to pay a tribute to all children residing in these countries. Hungary started celebrating Children's Week from 1931 but since 1950, the occasion is observed on a single day on the last Sunday of May.