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Children's Day celebrations differ from country to country, around the world. Read to know about celebrations of Children's Day worldwide.

Children's Day Around the World

Children's Day celebrates childhood and honors children around the world. Loved by one and all, childhood is all about innocence and playfulness. By observing Children's Day, the kids are given the right to enjoy their life to the fullest and grow up into healthy and cultured citizens of their respective countries. This day was instituted to provide the children with their basic rights of owning a good life and receiving the basic education. Today, the day has largely become a global concern about securing the fortune of the underprivileged children. Commemorated with immense zeal and enthusiasm, every country marks Children's Day on different dates.

While universally, this day is celebrated on the 20th of November, International Children's Day is marked on June 1st. India marks this cheerful and jovial day on the 14th of November to celebrate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime Minister of independent India. Nehru was extremely fond of kids and was very passionate about them. Hence, Children's Day in India is dedicated to him. Nehru was also largely connected with India's freedom struggle and fought for it with great devotion, commitment and responsibility. This article deals with the celebration of Children's Day across the world. Check out how this special day dedicated to the healthy growth and happiness of children is observed in various nations.

Children's Day Celebrations Around The World

Children’s Day in America
Children’s Day marks the celebration of children and the re-dedication of parents to bring up their children in Christian nurture. The United Sates of America has a long history to narrate, regarding the origin of Children’s Day in their country. The story of the origin dates back to the 1860s or even earlier when Children’s Day was first celebrated in America.

Children’s Day in China
Children’s Day is celebrated on different dates in different nations across the world. In China, it is celebrated on June 1st as International Children’s Day as commemorated throughout the world. This occasion is considered equivalent to Christmas in China. It is a time to enjoy, make fun and merry as the Chinese consider children to be the future custodians of the country.

Children’s Day in Germany
day is dedicated to children all across the world by celebrating Children’s Day. Nonetheless, the day is observed on different dates in different nations. Germany celebrates Children’s Day as “Kindertag”. The holiday was celebrated on different dates in West Germany and East Germany.

Children’s Day in India
Children’s Day in India surrounds the celebration of childhood. The day is celebrated on 14th November across the nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Though the Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November, the date has been pre-poned in India since Nehru was very fond of children.

Children’s Day in Japan
Children’s Day is celebrated on different days throughout the world. The day is mainly associated with the celebration of childhood. The Japanese observe their Children’s Day as a national holiday on May 5th every year, the fifth day of the fifth month. The celebration started off in 1948 to celebrate a child’s life by the Japan government.

Children’s Day in Korea
Children’s Day is celebrated to honor childhood and freedom of children. Different countries celebrate Children’s day on different dates. North Korea and South Korea observe this occasion on different days. Korea observed the day on May 5th, but after its division into North and South Korea, the celebrating dates too changed.

Children’s Day in Mexico
In case you want to know the importance of kids in the society, head off straight to Mexico and get involved in the Children’s Day celebrations out there. Since the Revolution Day is celebrated on November 20th, Children’s Day is observed on April 30th in Mexico. Known as “El Dia del Niño”, Children’s Day is marked by cancellation of classes in schools, though the kids do go to school and indulge in different festivities arranged for the occasion.

Children’s Day in Poland
Children’s Day is celebrated as International Children’s Day in Poland. Known as Miedzynarodowy Dzien Dziecka in Polish, this special occasion is marked on June 1st every year. Since its introduction in Poland in 1952, the occasion has been easily adopted by the adults and kids and is largely celebrated in schools and other public institutions.

Children’s Day in Thailand
While children are considered as the assets and future of a nation, they however miss on the unrestricted freedom and enjoyment due to the present prevailing education system. Known as “Wan Dek”, Children’s Day in Thailand is celebrated to permit the children to live life in their style.

Children’s Day in Turkey
Children’s Day is celebrated on April 23rd in Turkey to honor the children of Turkey and the world. The unicameral parliament of Turkey known as the Grand National Assemble of Turkey was established on April 23rd in the year 1920. This day is also observed to commemorate this event. The day has been declared as a national holiday since 1921.

Children’s Day in Vanuatu
“Stop violence against children” and “Give a child the chance to express his/her opinion today” are the two main agendas raised on Children’s Day in Vanuatu. Vanuatu, officially known as the Republic of Vanuatu, is a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean nearby Australia and New Guinea. Children’s Day in Vanuatu is celebrated on July 24th every year. The occasion is a public holiday across the country,