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Given below is the recipe of Chicken with Wine and Herbs. Learn how to make baked Chicken with Wine and Herbs.

Chicken with Wine and Herbs Recipe

Valentine Day is a festival of joy, sharing and caring. Everywhere there is a general mood of festivity and gaiety among the masses. Extensive preparations start months ahead and people get busy trying to get something unique for their special somebody. Houses are decorated, get-togethers are arranged and delicious meals are made. There is no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than having some fine wine. Many a times the words 'wine' and 'festival' are used as synonymous to each other. There are innumerous ways by which we can make use of this festive drink. A number of recipes and desserts are also prepared using different varieties of wine. However, a combination of wine and chicken fry is very delicious and is often prepared by people during festive gatherings particularly during Valentine. To help you sample some of these scrumptious recipes, a very interesting Valentine chicken dish is given below in this article. The recipe involves preparing the chicken pieces using a blend of herbs and wine and this contributes to the delightful flavor of the recipe. Surprise your beloved by learning how to make chicken with wine and herbs and make the day utterly special for your loved one.

How To Make Chicken With Wine & Herbs