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Given below is the recipe of Broiled Chicken Oregano. Learn how to make Broiled Chicken Oregano.

Broiled Chicken Oregano Recipe

Valentine is a festival of love and romance. Everywhere people are in a jolly and festive mood and elaborate preparations start months ahead. Get-togethers are arranged, houses are decorated and people everywhere get busy cooking some delicious Valentine recipes. Everyone like a grand festive meal for the occasion and you can make the event much more special by preparing some exquisite Valentine chicken recipes. Show your beloved how much you care by making this unique dish of broiled chicken oregano, which is a sheer delight for your taste buds. The oregano seasoning is what gives the dish its unique taste. What is interesting about this dish is that you don't need many ingredients to churn up this yummy chicken recipe for Valentine. We bring you the recipe of broiled chicken oregano so that you learn how to make broiled chicken oregano for your loved one. The tips given below are very simple to follow and the time taken for the entire process is also not much provided you finish off with the marinating process.

How To Make Broiled Chicken Oregano


Key Ingredient
Marinade Ingredient
Basting Ingredients