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"Teachers" is a film directed by Arthur Hiller starring Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams and Judd Hirsch.


"Teachers", as the very name suggests, is a comic drama based on teachers. The film was released in 1984 and starred Nick Nolte, JoBeth Williams, Ralph Macchio, and Judd Hirsch. It was written by W.R. McKinney. Arthur Hiller directed this satire at contemporary urban high schools, examining disillusioned teachers who try to regain their idealism. "Teachers" is the story of a teacher fighting against the administration, to get his students educated. The students in "Teachers" remind him to stand up for what he thinks is right. In the end, he succeeds and beats the school board with the help of his students.

Alex Jurel (Nick Nolte), a teacher at John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School, was once an idealistic teacher. However, now his main concern lies in sobering up before the next class session. He is one of the most liked teachers in the school because of his ability to connect and identify with the students. However, he has been rendered saturated, after being worn down by years of involvement with rowdy students and the administration. Mr. Horn (William Schallert) heads the school. But, he is shown to be ineffective.

There is an imperious vice-principal in the school, named Roger (Judd Hirsch). The main plot is centered on the Calvin lawsuit, with the school Superintendent Dr. Burke (Lee Grant) and lawyer Al Lewis (Morgan Freeman) trying their best to avoid negative publicity related with the case. When a recent graduate of the high school sues the school, because it graduated him illiterate, Alex finds himself in conflict with the superintendent of the school. He is asked to resign, following his showdown with Burke.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School heats up even more when Alex falls in love with Lisa (JoBeth Williams), the attractive lawyer who was once one of his honor students. In the end, Alex wins against the school authorities, supported by his students. The story has a lot of funny moments, with minor plotlines leading to Herbert Gower/Stuart Van Ark (Richard Mulligan), a former mental patient who is accidentally put in charge of a U.S History class and ends up making the class fun and engaging. All in all, it is an engaging movie.