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Teachers are the ones who strongly influence our lives from pre-school, all the way to university and beyond. They play an important role in molding us into the people we are. Read on to know more about the influence of teachers.

Influence Of Teachers

Teachers have watched you grow, taught you your basics, and have also molded you into the individuals that you are now. They have seen you through your academic years and have helped you grow in numerous ways. From kindergarten to college, these guiding forces have played a crucial role in your holistic and intellectual development. Through the years, only one aspect of the academic journey stays constant; and that is the association and effort of the teachers, and the influence they have on you. A teacher is a facilitator, who is enthusiastic, demonstrative and drives students to achieve their maximum potential. Teachers are much more than just strict characters with an obsession for discipline. Sure, teachers may be stern, but only for the betterment of your lives. Apart from immediate family, teachers are the second largest influence on the lives of children, and are the 'acting parents' while children are at school. If you would like to know more about the influence of teachers, read on.

Teachers Influence On Students

Academic Interests
Many children are fussy about certain subjects because of not being able to understand them or because they find the subjects uninteresting. It is the teacher's job to make and retain the interest of a student in a particular subject. A teacher, who helps children overcome their academic difficulties by getting them to love certain subjects, is nothing short of a genius. Teachers who use activities and unconventional teaching methods are sure to succeed in making children enjoy their academics! This is an important influence that teachers have on children.

Let's face it. Many children lack self-esteem. Issues relating to self-esteem can take a toll on the child's academic interests and hinder participation in class. Teachers can help eradicate this problem once and for all by therapeutically teaching and encouraging students using appreciative pats, praises, personal tutoring and other small perks such as 'star stickers' on homework etc. Self-esteem is absolutely crucial when it comes to doing well in any aspect of life. As a teacher, it does not take much to boost the self-esteem of a child.

Academic Achievements
The desire for academic accomplishment starts in the classroom and blossoms as the child grows older. Most teachers offer positive reinforcement like stickers, certificates and pats. Through incentives and verbal encouragement, teachers can influence a child's desire to work harder and make them achieve greater heights academically. Teachers who encourage students to do well and work hard, end up enabling students to prepare themselves in terms of receiving awards, scholarships and accolades. This in turn helps students achieve their potential and makes them want to work towards a higher goal.

In Loco Parentis
Unfortunately, not all children get the much required strong support and parental guidance. By no measure is a teacher any kind of substitute for a parent, but they can definitely help a child through reassurance, encouraging words and can also provide special attention to the needy children. Sometimes, all a child needs is to be heard. Teachers influence children immensely when they take the time to listen and allow the child to confide in them. Through such an exchange, they automatically forge a trust and a bond with their students and this goes a long way in molding the forming minds.

Career Choices
Most children already know what they want to be when they get older; astronauts, actors, rockstars and rocket scientists are popular choices. The path chosen by a student may largely depend on the influence a particular teacher/s have on them during their formative years. Teachers play a key role in helping children make decisions and weigh the pros and cons of choosing a particular career. This, in turn, largely affects and influences the choices a child makes in turn. Therefore, teachers are instrumental in helping children become what they want to. Some students may even opt to teach in the future looking at the kind of learning experiences they witnessed themselves.

The roles that teachers play in the life of students are significant and, to a large extent, indelible. They shape, mold and prepare us for the future. More often than not, teachers greatly influence students in more ways than one. If you take a look back at your own life, you may notice that your teachers would have greatly influenced your life in countless ways, making it very hard for you to place a finger on any one particular influence. This Teacher's Day, make sure you thank your teachers for all their efforts and for the ineffaceable influence they had over you.