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Celebrate Teacher's Day this year by watching the widely acclaimed movie, Dangerous Minds, starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Dangerous Minds (1995)

Dangerous Minds is an adaptation of LouAnne Johnson's autobiographical book, "My Posse Don't Do Homework". The movie dwells on how the protagonist, LouAnne Johnson, a teacher at Parkmont High School, tries to goad her students towards academic studies by resorting to unconventional methods of teaching. Although her radical approach invites the wrath of the school principal, she succeeds in winning the hearts and minds of her students. Dangerous Minds is a perfect Teacher's Day movie, with its breathtaking narrative weaving an intricate relationship between the teacher and students. The viewers get to see the courage and faith of a teacher who encourages and guides her students to take interest in studies. Dangerous Minds conveys an important message of how a strong and dedicated teacher can transform the lives of students and bring them back to right path. This movie is a tribute to all teachers who inspire students and help them become capable citizens of the world.

Dangerous Minds Movie
The main character, LouAnne Johnson, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is a retired marine officer who takes up a job of teaching english at Parkmont High School in California. On her first day at school, she comes across a class of students hailing from economically backward classes, steeped in anti-social activities like gang warfare, drugging etc. and with little interest in studies. The principal of the school, George Dzundza, cautions the protagonist about the class by stating that the class is nothing more than "rejects from hell". LouAnne Johnson finds that her students have coined a nickname for her - "white bread". The following day, she completely changes her approach towards the students and even changes her wardrobe-she wears a leather jacket to school the next day-to strike a rapport with her unconventional students. She surprises her students by teaching them karate instead of english. Her radical approach creates a positive impact on students and they start coming forward, showing their interest in activities. They, however, withdraw when LouAnne engages them in school curriculum. To get out of this hopeless situation, she resorts to various kinds of methods to capture the attention of students towards their studies. She adopts themes, exercises and language that especially appeal them. For instance, she makes use of Bob Dylan lyrics 'Mr. Tambourine Man' in the poetry class. LouAnne stimulates her students to learn literature by giving them candy bars, taking them to dinners and amusement parks. She also makes it a point to give 'A' grade to all the students and asks them to maintain the grade throughout the semester. She even faces criticism from her colleagues and school principal for following such unconventional teaching methods.

On the other hand, there are developments in her students' personal lives. An exceptionally bright student of LouAnne gets pregnant and leaves school midway. LouAnne meets her after school hours and counsels her to continue with her studies. She also pays extra care to another boy in the class, Raul Sanchero, played by Renoly Santiago, who is intelligent but, often gets involved in street crimes and gang fights. LouAnne inspires him to concentrate on studies, visits his family and takes him out for dinner. emilio Ramirez, played by Wade Dominguez, is by far her most difficult mission. emilio Ramirez has a strong sense of self respect which prevents him from seeking help from others. He becomes a victim of personal resentment of a recently-released hooligan. When LouAnne learns that there is threat to emilio's life, she tries her best to protect and safeguard his life. However, indifferent approach and negligence of school authorities leave her with little chance of saving emilio's life at a critical juncture and he ultimately falls prey to his enemy's rage and dies.

At the conclusion of the academic year, LouAnne Johnson steps into her class and declares that she will not be teaching at the said school from next academic year. Her declaration triggers outburst of emotions in her students and they plead her not to leave them. Overpowered by emotional flood, LouAnne yields to her students' demand.

Dangerous Minds is a wonderful depiction of the power of a good teacher that can change and convert even the most savage of minds. It also depicts the beautiful relationship that exists between a good teacher and his/her students.